Participation in pilot phase 1

Nomvec encourages the pharmaceutical industry companies to participate in tests of the system in pilot phase 1. Please contact Nomvec if you have serialised packs on the Norwegian market early 2018.

Published September 15, 2017

Ole-Kristian Setnes

Nomvec’s first pilot phase will be initiated on the 1st January 2018, with the aim to test the electronic flow of serialised data, and the physical flow of serialised packs. Companies participating in this pilot will upload serialised data to the EU Hub, and the data will be transmitted to the Norwegian database. The test is done at wholesalers and selected pharmacies, where the packs will be scanned to verify that they are in the system, and valid. Nomvec’s IT manager Ole-Kristian Setnes says that no faults are expected, but this real-life test is important so we know that the system works as we expect, and that we can correct faults early if there are any.

Get in touch with us
Nomvec encourages pharmaceutical industry companies with serialised medicines on the market in Norway to contact Nomvec on We would like to have an overview of products available for pilot phase 1. Companies should be connected to the EU Hub and be able to upload data to participate in this pilot.